We believe happy people who are living a life they find fulfilling are productive citizens, but all too often the need to achieve this state and the collective value it offers to society is overlooked. 

The focus of the Passion Project and its charitable foundation is to use media and technology to lead the way in providing demonstrable evidence of the economic value that supporting personal development and teaching social and emotional learning to young people could deliver in terms of social impact value to the business and the UK Government amongst others.

We aim to help bring about large-scale positive change to the lives of young people by helping them realise their true potential and in the process, supporting the communities around them.

By listening to the voices of young people and paying attention to their requests, be that through the publishing of previous leading reports such as the “Fair Futures Report” the “Serious Youth Violence Commission”, or the current work being undertaken by the Commission on Young lives, being youth-led, evidence-based and solution-focused, we believe we have a unique opportunity to help young people make a difference to their lives and, in doing so, better inform future policymakers of the needs for the next generation and other vulnerable groups.

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