Helping to build emotional intelligence

All of our work is focused on the education and empowerment of the individual – this starts from developing an understanding of why we do what we do and where appropriate putting in place a process that can help change that process – this we call the “inner world”.

Following that we then look to educate and empower people of how to deal with the challenges that life may present them with. By helping them develop an informed understanding of the “system” they are better equipped to operate well within it and where appropriate proactively engage in a change process. We call this the “outer world” and includes as its cornerstones education and information about money and finances, politics and policy-making as well as human rights.


#BE The Change

This slogan and the deliberate inclusion of our youth brand “BE” in the title is an indication that this is all about personal empowerment. It’s our community call to action and it’s about helping to drive social and policy change in areas that are important to young people.

Social Action

Helping young people find their voice and express themselves in ways that can help make a positive impact on society is helpful to both themselves and the community at large.

We have all had glimpses of what can happen when tensions rise and social action becomes civil unrest. It’s in situations such as these, where having control of our emotions when making difficult decisions, can make the difference between a young persons life taking one of two paths.

World Leaders Forum - Soul Food

As mentioned, we look to provide our target audience with activities, events, and content from inspirational speakers, innovators, coaches, disrupters and entrepreneurs from around the world who are now leaders in their chosen field.


By fostering ambition and belief achieved through listening to other people’s life stories, detailing how they overcame adversity to achieve in spite of great odds, and hearing about the lessons they learned on the journey, is viewed as fuel for the soul and will be encouraged at every opportunity.

Its important for them to know that falling down is part of life’s learning process.


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