Our Trustees

Our trustees are fundamental in shaping and defining our focus.

They are committed to seeing out the Foundation’s vision of developing a social and emotional learning centre of excellence in order to expand knowledge, inform policy and help future generations achieve.

Deborah White

Deborah is the founder of the Passion Project initiative and the Chairman of the Passion Project Foundation and has 20 plus years’ experience in the financial services industry and Corporate marketplace.

Deborah is passionate about making a difference, both in the business community and society in general. She is firm believer in the power of personal development and is the driving force behind the strategic development of the Passion Project, distilling the methodology and social impact objectives over a number of years.

Her vision is one of large-scale cross sector collaboration process designed to support of positive human development amplified by the smart use of media and technology used to help unlock human potential and generate significant socio-economic impact.

Dr Heath Grant

Dr Heath Grant is an expert in social emotional learning, the correlation between law and society, and juvenile violence prevention and has published a number of books, training manuals and articles on these subjects.

Throughout the last two decades, he has helped to develop and evaluate school-based programmes to promote youth resiliency, making SFK (Success for Kids) one of the most sought after programme partnership opportunities throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. He has received numerous awards and honours, including: the highly recognised Bradley Post-doctoral Fellowship at Georgetown University, the Arthur Niederhoffer Fellowship, and the Prestigious Arts ’50 Scholarship.

Judah Armani

Judah is an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths College and the Royal College of Arts, his focus is on using design practices to help clients solve social issues and provide benefit not only to themselves as a business, but also the community and environment around them.

Outside of social design and his own agency Public, Judah is also involved in music, having recently launched the first UK record label within prisons. This record label aims to provide inmates with an opportunity to gain skills and have a chance at employment upon release.

Judah has also overseen RESTART, an innovative charity founded in 2009, focused on helping homeless people. Helping to apply his expertise to aid the charity in helping more and more people into restarting their lives with housing and employment opportunities through the charity.

Irina Kashan

Irina’s was born and raised in Leningrad USSR (St Petersburg). She graduated from Lesgaft National State University, earning her degree in teaching.

She began her teaching career in St Petersburg Electro Technical University where she began her journey as an interpreter. Irina moved to the United States in 1991 where she worked as a physical therapist, personal trainer and skilled linguist, teaching Russian at the Berlitz Language Schools. In additional to being the mother of two she maintains numerous roles in education, philanthropy and fund raising. She is a Trustee of the Bergen Family Trust in New York, an organisation that has developed into the oldest continuously operating family service agency in the United States.

Lars Davies

Lars joined the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary, University of London in 1995 as a full-time academic lawyer. before becoming a lawyer, Lars worked in the computer industry.

While at the CCLS Lars specialised in Information Technology Law, Internet Law, and Telecommunications Law, where he concentrated on issues that included electronic financial services, security, authentication, and regulatory compliance. One of his first areas of research was into digital and electronic cash (he co-authored the report ‘Digital Cash – the legal implications’ with Professor Chris Reed). A frequent and well-known speaker on these topics, Lars is widely published, including contributions to the Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents

Trevor Easley

Trevor has served in HM Forces and British Government, and is currently a senior Government Security Advisor within the Qatar Prime Minister and Minister of Interior’s Security Directorate, leading the readiness and assurance programme in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 


Prior to this, Trevor was employed within the UK Government’s Olympic Delivery Authority (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) as the London Olympic & Paralympic Games Risk & Assurance Executive, where he was the Olympic Representative in UK Cabinet Office on the Strategic Risk Assessment Committee. During games-time, he led a multi-disciplinary team from UK Government Security Services, British Army Inspectorate, the National Policing Improvement Agency, and Metropolitan Police Specialist Units to evaluate Olympic Security operations.  A Law Graduate, and holding a Master’s in Leadership and Management, Trevor has extensive knowledge and experience in planning and managing complex government programmes for major events and critical infrastructure.

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