Helping charities and social initiatives raise funds

Why are we doing it?

Alchemy was created to help the Foundation achieve its fundraising objectives whilst helping the funding needs for community projects struggling to gain support from grants or other bodies. The difficulty in obtaining funding can be due to the project or organisation not meeting the criteria for that particular fund, there being no funding source available, or because a particular initiative is for an uncommon demographic.

The Foundation hopes to use Alchemy’s fundraising abilities to help promote and raise awareness of its partners’ work and their resulting social impact, especially those who fall outside of normal funding streams.

We're Developing
A New Way To Fundraise

How does it work?

Alchemy is a digital service that will allow users to crowdfund for community initiatives, make specific  donations to their charity of choice or passively, whilst buying their favourite digital content. This means they’ll be able to download the latest films, TV shows and music knowing that a percentage of their purchases will help support youth development and social initiatives.

Want To Know More?

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