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Passion Project Social Impact

We expect the Centre of Excellence to be just that, a world leading institution that stands at the centre of innovation in the social impact and human development space. Helping to shape our societies for the better.

Social Impact is delivering change that is far more valuable in socio-economic terms than its cost. Often this is transformation around long-standing, hard to change issues. At the heart of any forward-looking organization is research about what it does, what has worked and what hasn’t. Paired with that is a delivery unit to track golden-thread of best practice and to disseminate best practice. We aim to combine these into our Centre of Excellence.

The Passion Project is a major undertaking, with over a dozen programmes ready to initiate. This huge scope will require a robust, effective and reactive mechanism with which we will aim to gauge effectiveness and validate new emerging programmes as we further expand our remit. To that end we have felt the need to establish our own centre of excellence which will use industry and government standards of analysis to provide success and delivery metrics rapidly throughout the programme lifecycle. Allowing lessons to be learned, programmes to be adapted and new content to be created.

Goals of The Centre

The Centre of Excellence’s primary goal will be provide stakeholders with peace of mind that we are operating with the strictest assessment criteria and at the cutting edge of academic analysis in the relevant fields.

We will be of course be working with all potential public, academic and private sector stakeholders to best derive success and value and we already have a vast cohort of relevant partnerships.

The Centre’s secondary goal will be in validation and value provision both for our use internally and for the benefit of our stakeholders. Social impact as a commercial activity is a new discipline with few known constants and rules. We will look to gold plate the reputation of our programmes through strict analysis at every stage of delivery. We understand that to improve public and private understanding in this space requires a burden of proof far in advance of pure public sector expenditure. This Centre will allow us to valorize our benefit proposition.

This approach also allows us to build on a foundation of being as close to the data as possible – This is not an at arms-length pure academic proposition. Practitioners will be feeding in to these units in near real time, we will ingest this information and push findings down to the delivery level.

The Centre will also be internationally facing and capable of communicating with, and spreading best practice to, any potential market. From day one it will have leading US researchers plugged into a renowned UK delivery audit team full details of which will be released in the coming months.

"ME to BE"

Passion Project’s platform of social and emotional learning modules and mentorship opportunities help young people to achieve their true potential. The immediate psychosocial skill outcomes gained will lead to sustainable long-term improvements in mental health as measured by decreased anxiety, decreased trauma, improved communication skills, less depression to name a few. Combined, these important outcomes will inform improvements in employability, career fulfillment, and physical health.

Although in this sense Passion Project is far more than a violence prevention program, its outcomes may be most quickly become apparent in reductions in violent offending and/or recidivism amongst young people throughout London and the surrounding metropolitan areas. In helping youths to reach their potential, Passion Project’s combined services help to build resiliency to many of the adverse childhood experiences that many youth are facing; particularly those that are turning to violence on the streets.

Opportunities for diversion from the custody suites are created that will have sustainable impacts on the future trajectory of young peoples’ decision-making. Opportunities for diversion from the custody suites are created that will have sustainable impacts on the future trajectory of young peoples’ decision-making.

Passion Project’s Centre of Excellence ensures that outcome data is collected on a continuous basis to readily inform program improvement, as well as to offer justice, education, and other stakeholders with actionable information to apply to policy.

One of our first studies for 2020 will measure and describe the overall social and emotional health of violent offenders that can be used to guide police and probation officers in their community interactions and decisions about needed services within specific patrol and community segments and/or agencies.

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