Our Work

We run projects and initiatives designed to empower and educate young people

Everything we do starts on an individual level and moves to a societal level. We view all our work as being part of a human project.

Human beings are by their very nature emotional beings, with passion being one of the strongest emotions felt. It is fair to say that if something makes you feel good you are more likely to want to do more of it, and the more you do the better you become.

It was soon apparent that for us to create any meaningful change for young people we would need to include all parties involved in the support, education and welfare of young people within the solution.

When looking to encourage young people, the Passion Project focused on aligning them with things they enjoyed and supporting their development process. In order to engage and retain the interest of the range of other parties required to participate in the delivery process, it had to produce a solution to one of their organisational problems too.

The result of the lengthy R&D process was the creation of a design that provides an integrated service approach, allowing all parties to play their part, uninterrupted by others whilst simultaneously providing access to a holistic development and support service for the young person that is not limited by age or location.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Each one of us has undergone our own personal development process that was affected and shaped by people, events and experiences during our formative years. The values and beliefs that are formed in our early life very often remain with us through adulthood and beyond.

Without intervention many people hold on to the beliefs and thoughts about themselves that they made in childhood through into adulthood. Without realising it the individual can then allow these thoughts to continue and go on to affect every decision they ever make in life from those early years onwards.

As humans we are very often unable to see our own flaws and even less able to see how these can affect not only ourselves, but those around us too on both a personal and professional level. This is why we must work on ourselves with others if we are to improve ourselves (personally and professionally) and rid our lives of actions and beliefs that prevent our individual progress.

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