A Word From Our Founder

Creating a vision for a shared future

Everyone is born with the same set of basic human needs, however, we are not all born into the same set of circumstances. To develop into healthy, happy and well functioning human beings, individuals need to have their core needs met. When this fails to happen or their natural development process is interrupted or stalled for a  period of time, a person can develop any one of a number of debilitating and long-lasting mental and physical conditions.

Limited research has been carried out regarding the socio-economic impact of large-scale improvement in young people’s social and emotional learning, the positive impact it could have on communities and to society as a whole. 

In order to explore this theory, we are establishing a centre of excellence for research into the subject matter to further academic understanding and also help inform policymakers for the UK Government of the long term impact their proposals have on its citizens.

We have been working alongside leading academics from the US and the UK for a number of years – work which we are begining to formally coordinate and share through our centre of excellence. The centre will look to share best practice whilst liaising with our youth council, a body which features inspirational youth leaders who are all too familiar with the challenges affecting the lives of young people.

By incorporating recommendations made through youth-led reports, such as the Fair Futures Commission or the Youth Violence Commission (as well as our own observations), into the operation of the Passion Project, we believe we have a unique opportunity to help young people improve their lives, and in doing so, better inform industry and policymakers alike of the needs for the next generation.

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