The Foundation

We exist to empower and educate young people

The Passion Project Foundation was created to support the charitable- and research-driven aspects of the Passion Project.

The Passion Project is an education and employment initiative created for 14–25-year-olds. It encapsulates the use of a large-scale self-development and emotional intelligence framework designed to support young people of all ages.

As well as providing access to this framework, the Passion Project also provides young people with the additional support, guidance and opportunities necessary to deliver a holistic approach to their personal growth and development, whilst helping them transition into the world of work.

Robert F. Kennedy

Former US Attorney General


GDP measures everything… except that which makes life worthwhile.

In conjunction with our network of experts, we look to carry out research and gather evidence to demonstrate the socio-economic value of the behavioural change brought about through the use of social and emotional learning and resilience training, embedded within the operations of the Passion Project and other Foundation activities.

In the process of gathering evidence and carrying out research, we also intend to help inform policymakers and key Government influencers of its value and benefits.

We aim to demonstrate that a society of well-balanced and happy individuals is a key factor to the future success of a country’s people and economy.


As human beings we appreciate that we are constantly learning. We endeavour to promote the development of the following human values not only in our work with young people and our partners but also in our internal operations and individual interactions.


Outlining the Foundation’s vision for building knowledge on social and emotional learning.


Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in overcoming personal challenges.


Looking at the existing world of youth service delivery to understand the importance of our work.

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