Business Gym

Nurturing innovation within organisations

At the business gym our aim is to raise global quality of living by encouraging sustainable wealth creation through values based leadership.

How do we do that ?

We created a life changing educational platform for business’s bringing financial and social benefits to individuals, companies and the wider economy.

Our courses are designed to educate individuals, businesses and government authorities with unique life changing courses that enhance productivity and profitability.

With so many socio-economic factors coming to the forefront in recent months, leaders around the world agree a more responsible and holistic approach is needed. Our extensive access to business leaders, policy makers and professionals all agree that by empowering people and nurturing entrepreneurship we can finally unite corporate and social agendas.

A global problem with a personal solution

Profit will always be paramount, but however big a business may be it only takes one individual to damage it irreparably. There are many famous examples of this however for every famous one there will be thousands of other smaller companies whose success is being compromised on a regular basis by one or two of its staff.

Businesses know this is the case, hence why they spend over $366bn annually on staff development. However it is estimated that 75% of this is wasted and up to 80% of change management programmes fail.* Add to this the generally accepted figure that people give less than 50% of themselves while at work and it soon becomes clear that the potential for corporate improvement revolves around its people.

At the heart of the problem is ‘the company way’ – a set of official or unofficial practices which stifle an individuals responsibility. Staff members who are not empowered become disenchanted and, if the problems are not dealt with, profits are adversely affected.

Our courses teach participants to align their values with corporate goals so the company becomes a vehicle, not an obstruction, to them fulfilling their potential.

Very quickly people start achieving extraordinary results.

Our role in society

With our support an employer can align their corporate social responsibility and employees own initiatives to create a climate that empowers the individual, the company and the community. Our corporate membership programmes offer useful practical tools and business solutions for all sizes of organisation, designed to help improve bottom line and employee retention and satisfaction.



Empowering individuals, employees and communities with values, entrepreneurship and raised awareness to become motivated, socially engaged and happy.


Increased profitability and productivity achieved through responsible, respected and better performing people and business practices.


Demonstrating that sustainable wealth and lasting profitability comes through economic contribution and support of others.


Raising standards of living (financial and social) through the creation of sustainable growth on a national and international level

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