Young People

Helping prepare for life and work

Teen Tactics

The programme can be taught as part of the curriculum timetable or can be adapted as
an after school programme for young people between the ages of 12 – 16. It involves shared experiences with peers, teachers and mentors, the development of integration skills and reasoning, life management and planning, and discovery of self-worth. It can be delivered by our in-house trainers or by teachers and mentors trained to deliver the materials. 


Our courses are specifically designed to be a dynamic learning experience for young people aged 16-25. By focusing upon both the “inner game” of values, beliefs, self-perception and doubts, an understanding of how these factors can affect the “outer game” of achieving success in life is gained. 

Those who join the course are taken on a journey of personal development that builds self-awareness, motivation and personal leadership, as well as learning the skills necessary to work effectively as part of a team, take up employment in an organisation and contribute as an active citizen to society. 

Life Ready

The Life Ready course is made up of 6 modules, which engage young people in a number of activities and challenges. 

These are designed to help build their life skills and self-confidence. increasing their chances of choosing a positive life pathway and desired destination. 

Work Ready

The Work Ready course has been designed and developed to help raise awareness of how our actions and thoughts affect others. 

Self-awareness, personal effectiveness, working in a team, and business and customer awareness are just some of the areas. Work Ready modules are suitable for young people who are about to enter the world of work.

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