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Current Landscape

For young people growing up today, the world can seem a very confusing and challenging place. There are many socio-economic influences all impacting this generation in a way not experienced by any preceding generation – these include:

  • Breakdown of family –single parents / extended families
  • Advancement of technology and access to information
  • Society’s growing need for instant gratification
  • The age of celebrity
  • Lack of real role models
  • Widening gap between “the have’s and the have not’s”

Our world is a reflection of what is going on inside of us as people

Everything starts with us as individuals; the choices we make in life are a direct result of the values and beliefs we formed about the world and our place in it during our early years. As we grow older we gain experience but our actions are still guided (unless corrected) by those early limited childhood belief systems.

Local issues become global issues - all of which are human issues

Most issues affecting the world currently, be that on a local or a global basis are created, influenced or perpetuated by human behaviour – examples include; Famine, War, Drug & Alcohol misuse, Violence, Crime, Human Rights Abuse, Poverty, Homelessness, and Mental Health.

As a result, we believe that a sensible approach to tackling the issues that face society start by focusing on the individual.

By providing access to a social and emotional framework designed and delivered with experts that is capable of supporting individuals and groups from all denominations, faiths, and ages, we aim to help people take back control of their lives by reclaiming the power with which they can use to shape a future to one of their choosing.

This belief is the bedrock to all of our activities.

Gross Domestic Happiness vs Gross Domestic Product

To support this we are in the process of establishing an International Centre of Excellence in Human Behaviour and Social and Emotional Learning.  

The research results of which will be used to help inform future policymakers of the value in using Gross Domestic Happiness as a more reliable form of assessing the health and success of a nation than the current measurement tool of Gross Domestic Product.

Passion Project Social Impact
and Centre of Excellence

Helping to shape our societies for the better

We’re helping to create knowledge on social and emotional learning

We are building a social and emotional learning centre of excellence that can inform policymakers across the world of the importance of emotional intelligence in creating wellness and building resilience. The centre will exist at the heart of our operations, bringing together a global team of academics responsible for measuring and evidencing our work to ensure it achieves maximum individual benefit and social impact.

As well as evidencing our work, the centre will develop a research base, including the establishment of new studies to explore the relationships between emotional intelligence, spiritual quotient, happiness and resilience. These findings will be compared with other studies on Human Development that measure standards of life expectancy, education and happiness, and disseminated to researchers and practitioners worldwide to help inform local and global policymakers and researchers.

Dr Heath Grant, one of our trustees, will lead the team, beginning in July 2019.

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