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The Passion Project

Helping young adults find their purpose

The Passion Project is designed to provide a one-stop solution for young people seeking advice and guidance, as well as engaging pathways into personal-development, through training, employment or education services. The Passion Project was created alongside young people to ensure its authenticity and relevance, whilst also being structured alongside industry experts to ensure that this solution is appropriate and of value to each sector.

The project initially looks to inspire disengaged young people through existing interests combined with high-profile events, such as music, dance and sports. Once engaged and interest defined, the Passion Project looks to match young people with relevant training and work experience, whilst guiding them on to explore appropriate employment opportunities.

This engagement is further augmented through digital and social media strategies that support participants in a useful and fun manner via a core digital platform.

Social Marketplace

The Passion Project process creates a support network of organisations from across each of the different sectors, including: grassroots charities and not-for-profits, schools, local authorities, social services, police and criminal justice bodies, trade bodies, corporations, capital markets, the City & Corporation of London, and the Mayor’s Office through to Westminster.

Whilst its primary function is as a support service, this network also provides a large-scale distribution and marketing opportunity for its associated partner network, ambassadors and social media influencers.

Social Impact Bond (SIB)

The Passion Project has assembled an industry-proven and well-respected delivery team to launch its first London-focused social impact bond, a payment-by-results contract providing outsourced public services.

As stated, neither the Foundation nor the Passion Project intends to replace existing services – rather we seek to help address the welfare and employment needs of young people by working alongside those organisations already delivering an excellent essential service. Our focus is to assist and add value to all young people, including those who are seen as society’s most vulnerable, disadvantaged and hardest to reach.

By working in a collaborative manner, the Passion Project is best able to support these services (many of whom struggle on a monthly basis with funding and capacity issues), by providing access to a network of like-minded specialists and services to better support the self-development, training and employment of young people. The Foundation’s research team will be working alongside the delivery team to help measure the impact and carry out evidence gathering and research on the human development aspects of the social impact bond.


For more details on how to become a member, the benefits available and who to speak to get in touch using the contact details below.

The Ladder

The Ladder is the social and emotional framework underpinning the operation of the Passion Project. Its materials help participants develop their emotional intelligence.

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