As a society, we must come together to help solve the major disparity and inequality concerns. We believe that a new public health framework and economic index is the best way to do that. Measurable societal benefit achieved through a new “solution-led” narrative is the way forward – one that focuses on the cause rather than the effect.

A solution built on globally accepted principles, one that fosters learning and growth, one that embraces all and encourages tolerance, respect, love, compassion, empathy, safeguarding of human dignity, and the eradication of unjustified hatred.

As a result, we move away from conflict and crisis to unleash the potential of each individual, inspiring creativity,and encouraging collective collaboration and cooperation – all of these will contribute to social and economic prosperity for the benefit of all.

The Passion Project 2008 – 2022


Societal change is everybody’s responsibility; working together we can move mountains. The Passion Project’s design encourages collaboration across sectors to create sustainable solutions to social challenges whilst unlocking business efficiencies and commercial opportunities in the process. The methodology used in the process is referred to as “Conscious Capital”.

We intend to engage in a society-led “Levelling Up” and “Build Back Better” conversation that uses this process to help drive economic recovery in the UK in this post- Brexit, post-COVID-19 era.

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More than 10 years Research

After over a decade of research and development, the Passion Project’s process has been recognised as being compliant with social impact best practice and aligned with the public health approach to the delivery of services. As such it offers a possible solution to an authentic ‘Levelling up” and “Build Back Better’ process, much needed in the current social and economic climate we find ourselves in post-Brexit and COVID 19.

Please take a look at our Agenda document in order to get more of an insight into our mission.




In order to achieve this shift, our conversations need to change to help educate people about the need for change, the implications of remaining with the status quo and the benefits available by moving forward together. We want to invite you to join the conversation and be part of the change process – we aim to join the conversations and promote collaboration. By working together to support each other we can bring about long-term change and address social issues at the core.

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