We want to change people’s perceptions and change people’s lives – be that the public perception of young people, the role of business in the communities they serve or the need for individuals to actively participate in shaping the political process.


In order to achieve this shift, our conversations need to change to help educate people about the need for change, the implications of remaining with the status quo and the benefits available by moving forward together.

We want to invite you to join the conversation and be part of the change process – we aim to join the conversations and promote collaboration.

By working together to support each other we can bring about long-term change and address social issues at the core.

Get On Board

1.  Tell us a little about what you are doing in the form of a short biography.

2.  Upload your logo so we can help shine a light on your organisation or business by promoting you to our network on our published materials and across social media, letting people know you are now a supporter.

3.  Once this process is complete, we will send you a copy of our logo and confirmation of your supporter / membership number for you to display on your company website and marketing materials.

Why Us?

The Passion Project is a large-scale cross-sector collaboration framework designed to provide full social and financial inclusion. It has been designed for the specific purpose of supporting the young and vulnerable by helping them find their way in life. In the process it ensures that relevant individual behavioural change is supported and commercial value add is included for all organisations involved in the process. Its operational process has been created in conjunction with representatives from all sectors, reviewed by industry, and is aligned with the UK and International standards for the delivery of social impact. The resulting social impact data will be used to develop a new economic index and advise future policymaking.

After over a decade of research and development, the Passion Project’s process has been recognised as being compliant with social impact best practice and aligned with the public health approach to the delivery of services. As such it offers a possible solution to an authentic ‘Levelling up” and “Build Back Better’ process, much needed in the current social and economic climate we find ourselves in post-Brexit and COVID 19.

Supporting Our Partners

We have listened to young people, charities, front line service providers, educational experts, local businesses, industry, large corporations, local authorities, and those individuals working to improve the lives of young people and found they all share a number of common complaints.

Through working together, sharing ideas and best practices these challenges could easily be overcome to enable all to benefit from the efficiencies this new “smart” way of thinking brings about.

Many small organisations doing valuable work in the community often go unnoticed as they lack the necessary resources or know-how to promote themselves effectively. Yet large multinationals with big budgets for marketing still fail to convince their customers that they really “care about the community” or “can be trusted”.

We believe the Passion Project can help address these issues and more.
We are in the process of seeking an Innovation partnership with the UK Government.


For any additional information please get in touch 

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