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A New Conversation – Add your voice

A NEW CONVERSATION IS NEEDED Inter-generational poverty and growing disparity in wealth are major issues. Future policymaking must ensure equal opportunities are available for all.  There is a way forward

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The Passion Project designed the BE THE CHANGE media campaign as a rallying cry to the community in support of an authentically led, bottom-up approach to the UK Government’s (and

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Commission On Young Lives

On 29th December 2021, Anne Longfield, chair of the Commission on Young Lives and the former Children’s Commissioner for England, published ‘Out of Harm’s Way: A new care system to

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Our Chosen Advocates – Criminal Justice

Scott Ewing and Tony Wyatt, respectively principle solicitor and lead associate counsel of private criminal law specialists Ewing Law, are the natural choice as the Passion Project’s advocates for young

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Commission on Young Lives COYL

The Passion Project is a human development initiative whose operation is designed to support societal development. At its core, it is dedicated to supporting the young and the vulnerable and

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