Mapt.ODL unites with The Passion Project Foundation charity to help improve young lives

The Passion Project Foundation are proud to announce a new partnership with Mapt.ODL. We will be working together to help support young people across the UK. The project focuses on providing young people with support, skills, and social/emotional learning to become great adults.

What does Mapt.ODL do?
Mapt.ODL is a privately owned company who specialise in real estate, renewable energy, cryptocurrency and an NFT minting and marketing platform. Mapt. are also currently working to deliver Europe’s first Green Index compliant blockchain.

To find out more about Mapt.ODL, visit their website.

How will Mapt.ODL support the project?
Mapt.ODL have donated £1million of XMP also known as Mapt.Coin to the project. The donation will support the incredible work the Passion Project Foundation does and together we will look at doing more as we see benefits from the arrangements going forward.

Did you know young people who have faced adversity and childhood trauma:

  • Remain untrained and unemployed 6 times longer than average;
  • Are 10 times more likely to abuse substances;
  • Are 7 times more likely to feel depressed;
  • Have 3 times more physical health problems (respiratory disease, diabetes);
  • Are 15 times more likely to be involved in violence or become victims; and
  • Have 20 times more contact with the police and other justice agencies.

The Passion Project Foundation believes this can be changed and supports young people to turn their lives around. It’s in everyone’s interest. It’s levelling up. To find out more about this important work, please visit their website.

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