Many young and vulnerable people are struggling to cope with a variety of social and economic issues and, as a result, are in danger of getting lost in the system. We look to work alongside advocates – those individuals who are subject matter experts with relevant industry experience who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

Scott Ewing and Tony Wyatt, respectively principle solicitor and lead associate counsel of private criminal law specialists Ewing Law, are the natural choice as the Passion Project’s advocates for young people and their involvement in the Criminal Justice System. 

Established in 2012, Ewing Law is driven by its desire to deliver world-class representation in a system no longer built for purpose. After almost three decades of a sustained assault on legal aid and the funding of the criminal justice system, it has become impossible for purely publicly funded defence lawyers to dedicate the time and resources necessary to properly act in the best interests of the inexperienced young people who find themselves involved with the police and before the courts. 

In addition to their purely legal efforts, Scott and Tony have long and successfully supported a host of youth-oriented charities such as Caudwell ChildrenTeenage Cancer Trust, Amir Khan Gloves in the Community, Teens Unite, The Pedro Club and BoxCleva, in particular having raised over £850,000 in a period of 25 months preceding the initial COVID lockdown for Caudwell Children via Ewing Law’s boxing-themed Float Like A Butterfly Ball. Similarly, Tony has long used his media profile as a bestselling thriller writer – pseudonym Tony Kent – to educate the public on criminal justice and serious crime via hit TV shows such as My Lover, My Killer and Meet, Marry, Murder, and via frequent contributions on television, radio and in the national press.

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