Our Chosen Advocates – Criminal Justice

Scott Ewing and Tony Wyatt, respectively principle solicitor and lead associate counsel of private criminal law specialists Ewing Law, are the natural choice as the Passion Project’s advocates for young people and their involvement in the Criminal Justice System.

Established in 2012, Ewing Law is driven by its founders’ desire to deliver world-class representation in a system no longer built for purpose. After almost three decades of a sustained assault on legal aid and the funding of the criminal justice system, it has become impossible for purely publicly-funded defence lawyers to dedicate the time and resources necessary to properly act in the best interests of the inexperienced young people who find themselves involved with the police and before the courts. Ewing Law was designed to avoid this problem. As a private criminal defence firm with a reputation that is second to none, it acts in the most serious criminal matters for a loyal clientele made up of those who can afford the very best representation. This in turn allows Ewing Law to redirect profit from those properly-funded cases to make up the shortfall when acting for those who otherwise could not afford the level of dedicated professional care that the firm invariably provides, and who therefore have to rely upon inadequate public funding.

In other words, by focusing on private criminal defence for a large proportion of the time, Ewing Law can afford to take on cases for those who truly need and deserve the dedicated expertise Scott and Tony can provide.

Scott’s thirty years as one of the UK’s leading solicitors and  Tony’s twenty as a ‘leader in his field’ amongst criminal barristers. Suffice it to say, both men have hard-earned reputations at the very top of their fields. Both hail from working-class backgrounds not typical in their professions, with this and their long-shared experience as amateur boxers having exposed each to the struggles faced by young men and women who come from the same the world, but who perhaps lacked the luck and the breaks that allowed Scott and Tony to ‘escape’. For this reason and more, both have dedicated their legal careers to championing the rights of the disadvantaged and fighting for those unable to defend themselves.

In addition to their purely legal efforts, Scott and Tony have long and successfully supported a host of youth-oriented charities such as Caudwell Children, CentrePoint and BoxClever.

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