The Passion Project designed the BE THE CHANGE media campaign as a rallying cry to the community in support of an authentically led, bottom-up approach to the UK Government’s (and world) “LEVELLING UP” and “BUILD BACK BETTER” agenda.

We want to build momentum shift policymakers use of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or human productivity as an indicator to economic success and instead focus on the welfare and happiness of the individuals who make up society and the planet upon which we live.

We have engaged subject matter experts, advocates, and a growing number of social media influencers to help support us in delivering this vision.

As a society, we must come together to help solve the major disparity/inequality concerns, and we believe that this is the best way to do it.

Measurable societal benefit achieved through a new “solution-led” narrative is the way forward that focuses on the cause rather than the result.

A solution built on globally accepted principles one that fosters learning and growth, one that embraces all and encourages tolerance, respect, love, compassion, empathy, the safeguarding of human dignity, and the eradication of unjustified hatred.

As a result, we move away from conflict and crisis, unleashing the potential of each individual, inspiring creativity, and encouraging collective collaboration and cooperation – all of which contribute to social and economic prosperity for the benefit of all.

The Passion Project 2008 – 2022


The Passion Project is a sustainable cross-sector collaboration process designed to provide full social and financial inclusion. It has been designed for the specific purpose of supporting young people by helping them find their way in life whilst also ensuring relevant behavioural change and commercial value is added to all the organisations involved in that process.  

Its operational process has been created in conjunction with representatives from all sectors, reviewed by industry, and is aligned with the UK and International standards for the delivery of social impact. The resulting social impact data will be used to develop a new economic index and advise future policymaking.  This is A NEW CONVERSATION to realise new and innovative ways of working


After over a decade of research and development, the PP has been recognised as being compliant with social impact best practice, aligned with the public health approach to the delivery of services; and as such, offers a possible solution to an authentic ‘Levelling up” and “Build Back Better’ process, much needed in the current social and economic climate we find ourselves in post-Brexit and COVID 19.


We are currently engaging with the UK Govt to formalize our relationship under an Innovation Partnership and are set to commence operations in the USA in Summer 2023.

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